Since losing our mast, rigging, sails, radar, Sea-Me, deck hardware, stanchions, wind instruments... in March 2014, we have been "shipwrecked" on Navarino Island.  We are working to earn the funds for our replacement rig.  Details about our mast project HERE.

The BEST way to support is to PLEASE SEND WORK our way.

This is what we do:

James Burwick - Maritime Professional: Marine Broker (specializing in alloy expedition monohulls & fast multihulls), delivery captain, voyage preparation consultant, Chilean Maritime consultant (logistics & support), and specializes in mechanical/electrical installations & repairs.  See full CV HERE.

Somira Sao - Professional Photographer. Many of my images are in private collections.  I am selling 4 high-res digital images for $1000 USD.  See TEARSHEETS HERE for my commercial work & please refer potential clients my way.

PayPal - If you wish to make a contribution, our account is: jmburwick(at)gmail(dot)com
Please include your contact details so we can send something in exchange.

Please click on the CONTACT link to email us.

Thank you.


  1. is there a way to donate some money, crowd funding style?

  2. Thanks Alex. We thought about crowd funding, but we did not want pressure to go sailing because of sponsorships duties or expectations. We have never been able to sail safely that way. Every contributor (large/small) will get something in return, whether it is photography, consulting, or hard labor. For us pure gifting and crowd-funding is for people with real hardships - we just have a broken rig. Thank you very much - your comment is much appreciated.

  3. We just recevied a contribution from Alex Lang via paypal with this note:
    " I've been following you for a few years now, you've been one of the main inspirations to build a boat myself. If you ever need help with web/programming let me know, I'd be glad to help." The note helps keep the fire burning as much as the money. Maybe more. Thank you Alex for your support and friendship.

  4. I was just reading your article in sailing anarchy, and as much as I appreciate your plight, and am interested in contributing, I have an issue with the article and by extension, the website.

    The article was clearly written by Somira, unless James refers to himself in the third person, yet it is he who signed his name to it and is taking the credit for it, and your collective accomplishments. He takes top billing on all webpages and information presented.

    The tone of the article does not sit right with me at all on several levels, including but not limited to the lack of attention to detail that makes me question much of what you do.

  5. Dear 'Anonymous'
    I've know James and Somira for a number of years and I can tell you they work as a Team.
    Somira is the writer / photographer, but James has always been the narrator when it comes to Anasazi and sailing. Somira would have tidied it up for sure, but it's James narrative when he signs off on it.
    Somira is a gifted photographer and all her photos are credited to her. She is also a gifted writer and has a superb article coming out on their latest adventure, but I wouldn't worry that James is getting top billing in everything. It's a team effort and well meant.
    Kevin Dibley (Auckland/Queenstown)

  6. Thanks Kevin, that clears up part of my concerns, but the lack of attention to detail is still very disturbing, especially from people soliciting money from strangers based solely on the story they construct.

    PS I tried to post with my name and kept getting error messages.

  7. Dear Somira and James,
    I've immensely enjoyed coming back to your blog for the last years, looking at the great photos, reading about a life I often envy but would not dare to live myself... So one can imagine how shocked and moved I was by the dismasting.
    I keep being impressed by your efforts to continue with the boat, I am keeping my fingers crossed that you will be sailing again soon! Please keep your spirits up :-)

    Best wishes from Germany